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We are very happy to be your phone repair business in Caversham, Reading.

Our technician has been a phone repair technician for over 3 years, and has repaired thousands of mobile phones/iPads/Tablets since 2019. During the last 3 years, He had the opportunity to repair thousands of iPhones, Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, Sony, Xiaomi etc. He can sort out all kinds of phone issues, including screen replacement, battery replacement, back glass cover replacement, charging port repair, home button/power button/volume button repairs, speaker and microphone repair, front and back camera repair, phone re-housing, water damaged phone treatment, motherboard repair, iPad and tablets screen, battery, charging problem and motherboard repair etc. Three years time is not long enough for a starter to become a professional, because it takes time to learn a lot of theory about phones and computers and as much practice for him to repair a device skilfully rather than damage it. Before our technician dived deep into this field, he worked as an Electronics engineer for 17 years, which enabled him to see deep into how electronics devices work. In our opinion phone repairing is not only hand work, but also a job involving a lot of thinking. Our technician can always see further deep into the device being repaired and reveal more details of the issue we are handling with.

What makes us most proud is that we matter the environment a lot by having repaired so many broken smartphones, iPhones, iPads and tablets as well as laptops and other electronic gadgets. And we have recovered so many photos and videos by having their devices fixed. The photos and videos that reside on their hard drives are valuable memories.

We also belong to the first group of technicians who can restore broken iPhones back to their original beauty. With the help of a laser engraver and other professional tools, we can return an iPhone with amazingly beautiful back glass to you. During this procedure, only broken glass will be removed, all parts will function exactly the same as it was brought in, including wireless charging, Magsafe ring for iPhone 12/13 series.

We have helped so many lovely people in restoring their phones to its original glory. And we’re looking forward to duplicating our success with more smooth phones, iPads, Tablets and electronics product repairs for Caversham locals in the upcoming years.


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