Battery replacement, When?

Phone battery can generally last you a whole day. If it fails to do so, you might need a battery replacement. You can check the battery health in settings->battery. If it shows ‘service’, that means it’s capacity is below 80% of it’s original capacity. However there are poor quality batteries in the market. Even though the capacity level shows very high, it still doesn’t last you a whole day. As a phone repair technician, I do know something behind a ‘new’ battery. And I have tried myself to modify a 60% capacity level battery to 100% with a specific equipment worth only 50 pounds. 


Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether we need a battery replacement or just need the charging port repaired. For iPhones, you can tell from the screen display of whether it’s charging or not. If you see an empty battery icon after charging cable plugged in, that means the charging port is functioning good. If you see an empty battery with a charger icon, that means the charging port needs to be repaired.


There are charging cables that can indicate charging status with a led light at the end. The led gradually lights up and down when it’s charging, which we call breathable.


If it’s hard for you to tell whether you need a new battery or charging port or cable, we are always ready to help you. Why not book an appointment to visit us?

battery replacement
battery replacement

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