iPhone Back Glass Replacement Comparison, Before and After

iPhone back glass replacement is far from easy job, in that the broken or smashed iPhone back needs to be removed completely. After that, the metal plate is made very well prepared for strong glue to be applied. A new back glass is to be put on after 2 minutes. The last step will be applying rubber bands around the phone for a couple of hours to make sure the new back stay well. We highly recommend a phone case for the phone after repair, because it takes quite a few days for the glue to harden completely.

In removing the broken back we are with the help from a professional engrave laser machine. This amazing machine can precisely scan the back and save us from hard working using a heat gun or force to get rid of the broken glass, thus considerably reduce potential harm to your expensive iPhone.

In the last few years, we have replaced up to one thousand of broken iPhone backs and have accumulated rich experiences in restoring your iPhone to its glory beauty. All iPhones with the back glass replaced by us are in full working order, including wireless charging, MagSafe ring etc. We are the most professional in repairing iPhone backs in England.

A broken iPhone back can always be fixed the same day, provided you drop it in before 4pm. However if it’s impossible for you to visit our shop, you can post the phone to us. Please follow the guide below.

Remember the longer you allow us to keep the phone, the better it will be repaired. We prefer to spend more time on it and restore it to its original level.

iPhone 8 series back glass replacement

iPhone 8 back glass replacement
iPhone 8 plus back
iPhone 8 Plus back repaired

back glass replacement for iPhone x series

iPhone x with broken back rear glass
iPhone x back repaired
iPhone xs max perfectly replaced back

back glass repair for iPhone 11 series

iPhone 11 with broken back rear glass
iPhone 11 back replaced
iPhone 11 pro max with broken back rear glass
iPhone 11 pro max back


iPhone 11 Back rear back
iPhone XR back
iPhone back

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