Laptop Repair

We have solid background knowledge in laptop/phone hardware, firmware and software. Our many years of experience in repairing all sorts of issues enables us to handle your laptop professionally. With MyPhoneDoctor, your valuable device is safe in our engineer’s hand. Our laptop repair service covers all models from all manufactures, including Apple MacBook, Dell, HP, Lenovo, ASUS, Acer and more, no matter it is a traditional laptop or a Chromebook.  

Must knows of laptop repair:

1) We welcome all enquiries by phone, but considering a problematic laptop can show any symptom and it is fairly difficult to diagnose over the phone. We highly advise you bring the device to our engineer for diagnosis.

2) Only when the exact laptop model and repair details are obtained can we give an accurate quote. Please understand that repair cost can vary hugely according to different models or brands. Most of the time, we need to check the device’s model and issues in person before we could provide a quote. 

3) Inspections that can be done very quickly are without cost, but sometimes it’s a time-consuming job to break down a device to determine the issue. In this case, we might charge for the inspection. The inspection charge will be part of the repair cost if you eventually decide to have the device repaired. 

4) Sometimes inspection to a device leads to fixing a device, because sometimes it’s hard to spot the issue whilst easy to resolve it. Our engineer apt to try his best to rescue a device and won’t easily give up. In these cases, it generally takes longer time to do the inspection. We will charge according to the time we’ve spent and will be happy to explain what has been done to the device. The price will be definitely lower than buying a used one and negotiable for fair play.

5) Once issue(s) are determined, we will give an accurate quote about repairing it. If you say ‘yes’, we will move on to order the part(s) and carry out the repair. If you say ‘no’, we will restore the device as it was brought in. You pay the amount as we agreed on or nothing if it’s a quick inspection.

Laptop Issues That We've Repaired:

1) broken/smashed/cracked screen, flickering screen

2) laptop system doesn’t boot, missing system file, failure system recovery…

3) broken screen cover/back housing/hinge

4) battery doesn’t charge, battery drains faster than expected

5) broken charging port, charger has bad connection with the laptop

6) loud cooling fan noise, cooling fan keeps running

7) keys on keyboard don’t work properly

8) touch pad malfunction 

9) laptop damaged by water/liquid

10) RAM/hard drive extension service

11) we also provide dust removal service to ensure your laptop operate at peak performance

MacBook Repair

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MacBook Screen Replacement
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Macbook Repair

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MacBook Repair

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MacBook Pro Battery Replacement

MacBook Pro Battery Replacement

Other Laptop Repair

Chromebook repair

laptop Motherboard Repair

Chromebook screen replacement

laptop Screen Replacement

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Keyboard Repair

Laptop repair

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