iPhone 12Mini Back Glass Replacement


You might be annoyed by your broken iPhone 12Mini back glass. But don’t worry, cause we can restore it to its original glory. Our technician has replaced hundreds of broken iPhone back glass and accumulated rich experiences.

You don’t need to worry about the functionality of the phone after we repair your iPhone 12Mini back glass. Everything including back camera, flash light, microphone, wireless charging system, and even the MagSafe ring(for iPhone 12 and 13 series) will work exactly the same as before.

What’s more, we don’t treat back glass repairs as labour work, art work instead. We know how to carefully deal with the fragile edge of your phone and not to damage it, because the intactness of the edge is essential to the smoothness of the back. Even a tiny flaw can ruin the appearance of the phone.

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Collect, Repair and Return Service

If it’s impossible for you to visit our shop, do not worry. We Provide Collect, Repair and Return service. We can send a staff to collect your device as soon as we receive your message, and send it back the same day after repair. Our Collect, Repair and Return service is only a Call/Email away from you!


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