iPhone 8 Back Camera Lens Repair

Phone cameras are protected by top glass. Your photo can be blurry under a cracked or broken lens glass.

We highly recommend to have it fixed, especially if you are a photograph fan.

Long time of exposure to moisture can cause irreversible damage to a camera, cause mold can thrive inside it.

Naked eyes never notice mold inside lens, but the sharpness of your photos can tell.

We use professional tools to remove the broken glass, and you don’t have to worry we might scratch your expensive camera.

Why not book an appointment and give us an hour to get your phone brand new back?

This repair can always be done the same day!

Need Collect Repair and Return Servie? We provide same day Collect Repair and Return service for this Repair. If your collection address is in Reading Town Centre and Caversham, Our Collect and Return Service is one Call/Email away from you.

We Collect, Repair&Return


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