PlayStation/Xbox & Other Gadgets Repair

Our repair service covers beyond Smartphones, MacBooks and Laptops. We have also repaired PlayStations, Xbox and other electronic gadgets.


HDMI or USB port on a Playstation/Xbox is the most vulnerable part and easy to break. We have repaired this issue for quite a few times since we opened in November 2021, and of course, with affordable price. We have also repaired other issues such as internal connector damage.

With all kinds of electronic products stepping into our daily life, more and more people become DIYers. But most products are beyond repair by amateurs, especially when you don’t have professional tools and experiences. You might make things worse and that’s why we recommend you bring your faulty device to a reliable technician. We have restored many badly treated devices in the past years.

PS5 HDMI Replacement

ps 5 play station repair

Xbox Repair

xbox repair

PS5 Motherboard Repair

PS5 connector replacement

Other gadgets

If you’re experiencing issues with electronic gadgets such as Smart Watches, Bluetooth speaker, Nintendo Switch, photo scanner, 5G router, voice recorder etc., don’t worry. Our skilled phone repair engineering can help fix any problem you might be facing.

Our electronic product repair specialist has over 20 years in Electronics Engineering R&D and rich experience in solving all kinds of hardware, firmware, software issues. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we are able to quickly diagnose the problem and provide an effective solution. Whether your gadget is overheating, not powering on, or experiencing any other issue, we have the expertise and professional tools to repair it.

We offer 6-moth warranty on most electronics gadget repairs, so you can relax to put your gadgets in our reliable hands.

USB port Replacement

printer connector replacement

Smart Watch Battery Replacement

Smart Watch Battery Replacement

Bluetooth Keyboard

bluetooth keyboard repair

JBL Bluetooth Speaker Repair

UBL bluetooth speaker repair

Hard Drive Repair

PowerBank Repair

Power Bank Repair in Reading

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