All images are from our daily repairs. These devices were once treated by other technicians.

plastic on back of the screen was not removed, heat kept inside can make your device age fast

screen/battery sockets were not properly secured, they might get loose and you have to visit a technician

inside of the phone was a mess, screws might damage your screen or cause short circuit

front camera covered by plastic which was supposed to be removed

protective plastic on back of the screen was not removed

previous back glass replacement had some pieces of magnetic blocks missing

iPhone wireless charging coil broken

iPhone volume flex cable torn when repairing

iPhone ribbon flex cable torn

flex cable damaged when disconnecting from the phone

iPhone front camera broke

iPhone front camera flex cable torn

iPhone 8 Plus flex cable damaged in the process of repair

Motherboard damaged

small component on motherboard was knocked off when connecting/disconnecting flex cable

water resistance adhesive was peeled off, and didn't apply new one on

Google Pixel 4XL motherboard accidentally damaged in repair

motherboard damaged while repairing

wireless charging coil/NFC connector was damaged when plug and unplug socket

NFC socket broken

LCD connector was damaged when plug and unplug socket

Phone battery not properly fixed. Adhesive get stuck to the screen and damage it for the next repair

Phone battery not properly fixed

too much glue was applied to attach the touch screen to the iPad body, making the next repair impossible

LCD was not secured to the body of the iPad

bad phone repair

Huawei P20 Pro frame was mistakenly removed along with the broken screen by the last technician

smartphone damaged