What if nothing is done to a phone dropped into water?

Smart phones are water resistant, but there are EXCEPTIONS!

Most of smart phones are waterproof, especially iPhones. You can find water resistant parameters for iPhones on their website, for example iPhone 11 is water resistant for 30 minutes in 2 metres, iPhone 11 Pro Max for 30 minutes in 4 metres and iPhone 12/13 series 30 minutes in up to 6 metres!

New generation smart can do better water resistant than last one, but it’s NOT 100% water tight especially when the phone was dipped into water for long time or it was fixed before. Almost all fixed phones cannot achieve their same water resistance performance as before, whatever measurement might be done.

If the phone was never fixed before and dropped into water for quite a short time, like a few seconds, it should be all right in most cases for iPhones. The only thing you need to do is to clean the surface water. You don’t have to visit a phone repair shop. However, depending on the speed and angle it dropped into water, damage can happen. No matter whether or not the phone was fixed before, if it was kept in water for quite a long time, like one hour, it will be probably water damaged if not 100%.

water goes inside a phone

How does water do damage to a phone?

A smart phone is composed of screen, battery, other accessories like speaker, charging port, camera etc, and motherboard of course. We call other parts other than motherboard accessories. Accessories are more likely damaged than motherboard, because the motherboard is wrapped inside by these accessories and also protected by heat dissipation paper and soldering tin around it.

Most of the water that goes inside will be absorbed by the accessories. From hundreds of phones I have ever treated, the most vulnerable part against water is the screen. LCD screens are made of different layers, and the tiny gaps between them can soak up water thus result in damage. Most water damaged phones have only the screen damaged, totally or partially. However, that doesn’t mean water will not damage other components if only the screen shows signs of damage, because it takes time for water to penetrate into the motherboard. Once water touches the motherboard, it will corrode the motherboard with much higher speed than expected. ONLY ONE DAY will make considerable damage to the motherboard.

liquid damaged phone motherboard
water damaged phone motherboard

Frequently used BAD TREATMENTS to a phone with water inside.

  • Dry it with a hair drierDon’t do this! Because the drier will evaporate the water inside and drive it go easily into the motherboard and make damage to the motherboard and cost much to repair.
  • Put it in RiceDon’t do this! Rice can absorb moisture, but it’s too difficult to absorb moisture inside a phone. The moisture has done damaged to the motherboard before it is absorbed by the rice.
  • Put it on a HeaterDon’t do this! It’s like drying it with a hair drier.
  • Do Nothing, Keep Using It Don’t do this! Water will go all around inside the phone and once it touches the motherboard, it stops working and cost much more to repair.


What should I do to a phone which dropped into water?

The only correct treatment to a phone which fell into water is to hand it to a professional technician ASAP. The water inside needs to be removed completely before it does profound damage to the phone, which might be a irreversible one. If you need help from us, just visit our shop with your device. Treating a water damaged phone always has the highest priority.

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