There are a number of reasons that cause an iPhone speaker microphone failure listed below.

Common reasons for speaker microphone failures

 The ear speaker or loud speaker doesn’t produce sound properly if it’s dusty or dirty. Dusty or dirty speakers are the most likely reason of an iPhone acoustic issue.

Phones used by a builder, carpenter, farmer, plumber or anyone else whose job involves a lot with dust can cause dust to accumulate in the speaker. A blocked speaker can always reduce volume or even not let out sound in a worst case scenario.

A faulty speaker prevents you from receiving properly, while a failed microphone disables the other end hearing you. A problematic microphone also stops you from  calling or voice recording on WhatsApp.

All phone functions rely on CPU/GPU/Baseband processors which reside on the motherboard, the center of a phone. If there is a failure on a motherboard, whatever it is, it may cause problems. This means that even if the speaker and microphone work fine, you might still not receive properly or the other end doesn’t hear you. 

An electronic circuit is complicated, parts for different functions are linked by shared aspects e.g. power supply. Sometimes, when a screen is damaged internally, there isn’t any physical damage, but can cause the speaker issues. In our years of repair experiences, we have met a handful of these cases. 

How do we repair your speaker/microphone

Phones with acoustic system problems are always diagnosed prior to the repair, because the problem needs to be spotted first. Before we can disassemble your device, we will test it and try to figure out what the problem is linked to. Then we replace the possible parts one by one and see if it works. This procedure can take up to a few hours depending on where the problem is and your phone model, different models have different structure.

These are the rules we follow to repair your speaker microphone issue:

1) We always try to repair the broken/faulty part first, in that genuine parts best for your phone. With professional materials and tools, a dusty speaker can always be restored to its original level.

2) Microphones can only be replaced. It’s almost impossible (and actually pointless) to repair.

3) Motherboard problems are the last aspect that we suspect. If an iPhone, especially those models for iPhone X and above, has acoustic problem, more weird issues might emerge through the long procedure we carry out trying to spot the problem. So don’t be surprised by what a faulty phone can become. A motherboard can be repaired, but please be aware that it might get worse if it isn’t fixed.

How we charge for the repair/replacement

1) For a repaired part, we charge for the labour.

2) For a part replacement, you need to pay for the part and labour.

3) If it turns out to be the motherboard problem and you choose to take the chance to get it repaired, you don’t have to pay for the inspection and only pay for the repair given it’s a successful one. But if you prefer not to repair, we are afraid that the inspection fee is also charged, because it always takes long, sometimes hours, to diagnose.

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