The better you know about your broken phone, the easier for a technician to repair it. We summarised these phone repair must knows for you.


Above 95% of phone hardware issues can be solved by replacing or repairing the faulty part, including the screen, battery, charging port, back glass, back & front camera/lens, speaker, home button, Face ID, microphone, earphone jack, power button, volume button, antenna, flash torch, wireless charger etc. The other 5% issues are related to the motherboard, which is harder to fix. That means you have at least a 95% chance to get your phone back.

Official phone repair centres only do main part replacements to ‘repair’ a phone. That’s why it costs a lot more to choose their service. 

1. Phone Screen Replacement/Repair

1) Many customers have a protector to protect the screen. Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether the screen is broken under the protector or the protector is damaged. The protector needs to be removed to tell whether you need a protector or a screen. Scammers may charge you a screen’s price for a protector!

2) If the screen doesn’t light up but there is vibration when put a charger in or press power button, that means the phone can be saved by replacing a screen.

3) If a screen has no physical damage but shows unexpected patterns on it, like vertical lines or shaking images or ghost touches, that means the screen has internal damage related to signal cables. Heavy shocks can also damage signal  cables. There is no visible physical damage on the surface though.

4) Some phone vendors do encrypted measures to alert consumers of a non-genuine screen, depending on specific phone models and firmware versions. It doesn’t affect the use of the screen and disappear in a few of weeks.

5) A small proportion of damaged screens can affect other components if it shares power supply channels with them. The screen may still work properly, but internal damage can cause other components disorder.

phone repair must knows
genuine display message

Will an iPhone still water resistant after a screen replacement? check this link

2. Phone Battery Replacement

1) Check your phone battery health before you decide to get a new one. This can usually be found in settings->battery. Generally it’s unnecessary to get a genuine battery replaced if the capacity is still above 80%, because it can still last you a whole day.

2) Not all batteries with 100% capacity are good ones. For a poor quality battery, even if it shows high capacity, it still might be second hand.

3) Short circuit on motherboard can drain battery faster than usual, making you think a new battery is needed. Replacing the battery doesn’t solve this issue.

4) Batteries can bulge with no reason. For iPhone, a bulging battery can push the screen from inside; for other smartphones, it lifts the back cover. It’s wise to power it off and bring it to a professional technician before it damages the phone further.

5) It’s risky to remove a battery from a phone if the charge is above 20%. Potential fires can hurt the technician and damage the motherboard. If possible, please drain it to under 20%.

6) We can replace batteries for all iPhone models in stock. You can just walk in and don’t have to book an appointment. We can always do it in one hour. 

For all the other smartphone battery replacements, spare batteries can always be available in 3 days. Please call in or contact us.

phone repair must knows

3. Broken/Cracked Back Glass Replacement

1) As long as the frame of the phone is not broken or bent seriously, an iPhone or smartphone back glass can always be fixed to  look like the same as before.

2) Using a phone with broken back glass in rainy days poses high risks to its motherboard and inner fragile components.

3) It costs much lower than you think to repair a broken iPhone back glass, Because we only replace the glass, not the whole housing.

take a glance of how we repair your broken back glass
(for more videos check our YouTube channel: MyPhoneDoctor)

4. Broken/Cracked Camera Lens Replacement

1) A broken camera lens can make photos blurry, and so does a broken camera itself. Damage to the Optical Stabilisation of a camera is the most common cause of shaking images on the screen. It’s good to know whether the camera itself is broken or the lens.

2) Mould is not only found in your kitchen, but also in a camera long exposed to damp air with a broken lens. It can disfigure photos taken by it. Scratches are another main threat to phone cameras.The hardness of glass is 7 on the Mohs Scale, but that doesn’t mean your keys at 5 can’t scratch it.

5. Charging Port Repair/Replacement Must Knows

1) A charging issue can be caused by a broken charging port, stuffed/blocked charging port, battery failure or motherboard problems. But in many cases, it’s only a charging lead or USB wall plug adapter issue. So please try different leads and USB adapters before calling in a phone repair shop.

2) Most charging issues can be sorted out by replacing a new charging port, which is a time-consuming job. But sometimes we don’t have to replace it, instead we repair. Most repairable charging port are stuffed/blocked or rusted due to being exposed long time in damp environment. We can gently remove the fillings inside of a charging port or clean the rust that covers the small pins under a microscope. Most of time it’s easier to repair than to replace a charging port and it costs less.

3) If your phone can charge but you have to adjust the charing lead to find a good position, that means the charging port is rusted or stuffed. The charging port can possibly be repaired. But don’t try to repair it by yourself unless you exactly know all details of the inner structure of it. You can probably damage it without knowing this and make things worse.

4) A poor battery health can also prevent a phone from charging properly. Providing more information about the charging can dramatically help a technician tackle the charging issue. 

Charging ports that should be replaced:

charging port repair must knows

6. Water Damage Treatment

1) It’s useless to put a water/liquid soaked phone into rice, drying it with a hair dryer or put it on a heater. That might make things worse.

2) The only right way is to bring it to a professional technician, the sooner the better. A water damaged phone needs to be opened and dried professionally.

3) According to our experience, 90% water damaged phones can be repaired by replacing the screen. 

4) Water corrodes a phone faster than we think. 2-3 days is enough for water to do serious damage to a motherboard. Bring the phone to your technician the same day you drop it into water.

phone repair must knows
Water Damaged iPhone - sockets

iPad Screen Replacement/Repair

1) An iPad screen is composed of two layers: touch screen and LCD display.

2) Most broken iPad screens can be fixed by replacing the touch screens. 

3) An LCD display can also be replaced, but it costs more.