Samsung Battery Replacement

We provide Samsung battery replacement for all models.

Signs that indicate you need a new battery:
  1. Battery doesn’t charge at all
  2. Battery runs out quickly
  3. The battery health indicates low in settings
  4. Phone shuts down automatically while battery is still high, this happens especially when you try to make a phone call
  5. Phone has been charged for long time, but low battery sign still shows on screen (for this situation, it might also be a charging problem)

Battery health will go slowly down as time goes by. When it shows low in battery settings, you need to have it replaced.

A low life time battery doesn’t do any harm to your phone, it just won’t last a whole day. But the likelihood that it goes swollen is higher than a healthy one, which can lift your screen to damage it.

A Samsung battery replacement can usually be done within an hour, provided that it is drained below 20%. We appreciate if you could do this before hand it to us, and we can get it replaced quicker. Or we need to handle it with great care in case of fire.

As the screen needs to be removed before battery replacement. You might put yourself in risk of breaking the screen if you try to do it by yourself. We seldom damage the screen while replacing the battery. However if there is broken corner or crack on the screen, it might get more broken while getting it removed. We have experienced technician and can lower the risk.

We highly recommend a battery replacement if it’s low in capacity.

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