Samsung Screen Replacement

We can do all Samsung screen replacement

Our technician has rich experiences in repairing all smartphones. We can do ANY Samsung screen replacement: Samsung Galaxy S series, A series, Note series, J series and so on. Click the link below for all other smartphone screen replacements:

What kind of issues can be solved by replacing a new screen?

1) screen that is physically damaged

2) screen that shows lines on it

3) screen that doesn’t respond to your touch, or ghost touch on it

4) screen that shows black area(s) on it

5) screen not physically damaged but has been dropped into water and shows nothing

6) no matter how broken a screen is, we can manage to replace it

How quickly can we have your screen replaced?

Because there are hundreds of models of Samsung phone, it’s impossible for us to keep spare screens for all of them. It typically takes about 3 days for us to get a replacement screen for you. And we can always finish the repair the same day we have the part. Please understand we might ask for some deposit for your screen replacement, if the phone is not left with us. 

What type of screen do we use for replacements?

We all buy quality screens from trusted suppliers. But screens are different in colour, brightness, sensitivity from each other. The higher price you’d like to pay for a replacement screen, the better quality screen you get. We usually charge £50 – £70 for the labour work, depending on time spent on doing it.

Generally we buy screens well balanced between quality and price. If you’d like to use a genuine one or your budget is tight, please let us know. We can try our best to meet your requirements.

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Some Samsung screen replacement we've done:

Samsung S22 ultra screen replacement

Samsung S22 Ultra

Samsung S21 Ultra

Samsung S8 screen replacement

Samsung S8 screen replacement

samsung a71

Samsung A71

Samsung A52 5G screen replacement

Samsung A52 5G

samsung a51 screen replacement

Samsung A51

samsung a03s

Samsung A03s 6.5"

Samsung A03s

Samsung A03s 6.7"

Samsung screen replacement

Samsung A12

Samsung A12

Samsung A41

Samsung A41

Samsung A02s screen replacement

Samsung A02s

Samsung screen replacement