1. These symptoms suggest a screen replacement:

1) Your phone worked fine before the screen went blank, you can still feel the vibration when it starts up or a call comes in.

2) There are stripe(s) showing on the screen.

3) The screen displays well, but doesn’t respond to touch or it touches automatically.

4)  Your phone dropped into water and there is no physical damage on the screen, it vibrates when put a charger in or calls come in.

2. You need a new battery when these happen:

1) It takes shorter time than before to charge the battery to 100% and the percentage drops quicker than expected.

2) Battery data in settings->battery (depending on phone model) shows ‘service’ or a lower health level than 80%.

3. A charging port replacement / repair can solve these issues:

1) You need to sway the charger to a specific angle to get the phone charged.

2) Chargers don’t go inside the charging port. 

3) Chargers are too loose inside your phone.

4) The phone can be charged, but in very slow speed.

5) Only specific charger can charge your phone.

4. You need to have the speaker cleaned when these happen:

1) The phone doesn’t play loud even if with the highest volume.

2) Voice through the ear speaker sounds muffled or too weak.

5. Issues related to camera or camera lens/top glass

1) Photos taken with phone camera are blurry. There are two main causes to this problem. One is the camera lens/top glass is broken, thus causes obstruction. The other one is the camera scratched. The top lens/top glass is to protect the camera from being scratched. A scratched camera cannot be repaired. You will have to get it replaced, which is much more expensive than replacing only the lens/glass.

2) Only with specific zoom that views are clear through your camera. One or more cameras (most phones have multi cameras now) are damaged and doesn’t auto-focus any more.

6. Issues that might need motherboard repair

1) Back of the phone get over-heated.

2) Battery get drained much quicker than expected and you are sure the battery is alright.

3) Phone can’t startup successfully or keep restarting.

4) Calls can be made with the phone, but you can’t hear the callee and vice versa.

5) The phone was dropped into water, but it was kept using for a few days/weeks instead of being brought to a technician until it stopped working.

6) Screen doesn’t work properly after a new screen replacement.

7) Wifi doesn’t work properly after a high drop.

8) The phone stopped working all of a sudden for no reason.

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