Water Damage iPhone Repair

Must-knows for water damage iPhone repair

1) 90% water damaged iPhone can be repaired by replacing the screen or simple cleaning and drying.

2) Essential parts of motherboard are covered by shield and It’s the last part to be damaged by water/liquid. 

3) Most motherboard damage is to non-essential parts and can be fixed without risk.

4) It takes time for water/liquid to erode into a motherboard and do further damage if no treatment.

5) Water damage motherboard repair can be risky especially for those double layered ones. It might be worse after the repair.

How we treat your water damage iPhone

1) We always inspect your phone functionality to evaluate the damage and communicate with you about it, give you risk warning and advise, and of course the quote.

2) Accessory parts like screen, charging port, home button, power/volume flex, speaker, camera etc. are to be repaired, unless they have to be replaced.

3) Water damage motherboard is to be cleaned and dried with professional materials, which is low risk. High risk treatment will only be carried out with your permission.

water damaged iPhone
water damage iPhone
iPhone Motherboard Repair

How we charge for the repair service

Water damage phone repair/treatment can take long time, depending on how server the phone is damaged and the model. That’s why we need to communicate about the price before we repair it. However, there are still some regulations we follow:

1) If the phone can be repaired by replacing one or multiple accessories, we will charge for the accessory replacement and diagnose.

2) If your phone is fully functional, we don’t have to do any repair to it other than cleaning and drying it. You only pay for the time we spent. 

3) But if the phone is in disorder, we need to do faults finding and repair to the motherboard which is much higher in price.  

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