1. Do not turn on the phone: Turning on the phone when it’s wet can cause a short circuit, which can damage the internal components.
  2. Do not plug in the phone: Plugging in the phone while it’s wet can also cause a short circuit and further damage the phone.
  3. Do not heat the phone: Heating the phone, whether with a hairdryer or by leaving it in the sun, can also damage the internal components and potentially cause the battery to explode.
  4. Do not shake the phone: Shaking the phone can cause water to move around inside the device, potentially spreading the damage to other components.
  5. Putting a water damaged device in rice doesn’t work.
  6. Most water-soaked iPhones/Smartphones can be saved by replacing the screens.
  7. The earlier the device brought to a technician, the higher chance to save it.  It takes only 1-2 days for water to do irreversible damage to a motherboard.