Phone Motherboard Repair

Must knows for phone motherboard repair

1) Phone motherboard repair involves fault finding and repair activity. It’s a time consuming job and might takes a few days or even weeks depending on what the issues are.

2) Any repair to a motherboard is risky, so we don’t guaranty a successful repair. A failure repair to a motherboard can lead to a worse condition. 

3) Motherboard issues can be quite different from case to case. It’s impossible to diagnose over the phone. If you have a motherboard damaged phone, we highly recommend you bring it to us and allow some time for us to inspect.

4) A CPU or Baseband damaged motherboard can never be fixed. 

phone motherboard repair
iPhone motherboard repair

About service fee

1) There are tens of different problems for a faulty motherboard. And because there are so many different phone models, it’s very difficult to give a quote before we inspect and diagnose the phone. 

2) We will inspect your phone before we carry out substantial repair, communicate with you about the problem and agree on a service fee.

3) Unless otherwise agreed, No Fix, No Fee. 

logic board repair
iPhone Back Light Issue

Our Repair Story

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