iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera Lens Replacement

If  you break your iPhone 12 Pro Max camera lens, don’t worry. We can repair it to its original level.

Why should you have your iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera Lens repaired?

iPhone back camera is protected by the lens on top of it. Photos taken with a broken camera lens can be blurry. Long time of exposure to moisture can cause irreversible damage to a back camera, cause black mould can thrive inside it. Naked eyes can hardly notice black mould inside the camera, but stains on the photos taken can. Repairing a broken camera lens costs lower than a new iPhone 12 Pro Max camera.

How do we repair it?

We use professional tools to remove the broken camera lens from inside, instead of outside. So the camera will be removed before we carry out the repair. That’s why you don’t have to worry that we might scratch your expensive camera.

How quickly can we do?

This repair can be done the same day. It generally takes about one hour to have it fixed, provided not interrupted.

Any risk to have it repaired?

All repairs are in risk, more or less. To repair a broken camera lens, we need to remove the screen, take out the camera and remove the broken lens from inside. Then we put on a new one and restore the phone. In doing this we might break the screen especially when the screen is broken. If we unluckily break the screen, we will replace a new one for free. So you don’t have to worry about anything.

This blog gives you a chance to take a glance at how we do camera lens replacement.

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Need Collect Repair and Return Service?

We provide same day Collect Repair and Return service for this Repair. If your collection address is in Reading Town Centre or Caversham, Our Collect and Return Service is one Call/Email away from you. Click the link below to contact us.

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