Broken iPhone XR Camera Lens Replaced

Our technician received a lady customer with an iPhone XR with the camera lens broken. She wondered if we could fix it so that it can be given to her son as a gift. 

The iPhone camera lens was broken, making the camera exposed to the air and dust gathered on surface of it. We can also see some minor scratches on it.

We usually take the screen and camera off the phone before we start to remove the broken camera lens from inside, eliminating the risk to injure the camera while doing the repair job. But for this one our technician decided to do it a different way, because some pieces of the lens were missing making it possible to put a pick under the remain ones. With great care, our technician successfully did it with the help of a microscope. But why should we choose a more risky approach? Because the iPhone XR screen was never opened before and we are confident to keep the water resistance.

iPhone XR Camera Lens

Camera surface was covered with a lot of dust and we gently remove it with professional tools. 

iPhone XR Camera lens

Every bit of dry adhesive that covered the rim of the lens base was removed and new adhesive applied. After that, a new piece of lens glass was stuck firmly on. 

Apply Adhesive to Camera Lens

The iPhone XR with the amazingly fixed camera lens is a wonderful gift for her beloved one.

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