iPhone 6 Battery Replacement

If your phone doesn’t last you a whole day, we are very happy to help.

Replacing a new battery doesn’t take long time. We can finish it in half an hour in most occasions.

We use high quality replacement battery for all phone models.


There are so many phenomena indicate that your phone needs a new battery:

  1. Battery doesn’t take charge
  2. Battery runs out quickly
  3. ‘Service’ displayed when you check battery life in settings
  4. Phone shuts down automatically while battery is still high, this happens especially when you try to make a phone call
  5. Phone gets charged for long time, but low battery sign still shows on screen (for this situation, it might also be a charging problem)

Battery life will go slowly down from 100%. When it’s below 80%, ‘service’ will show in battery settings reminding you to replace a new one. A low life time battery doesn’t do any damage to your phone. It just doesn’t last you a whole day. If you need a new battery, we are very happy to help.

Poor quality battery not only doesn’t last long, but also in risk of fire. We use high quality replacement batteries for all phone models.

We can finish in half a hour in most replacements. We always handle battery replacement in great care. Considering batteries with higher charge are easier to catch fire while getting removed, drain it below 20% can assure 100% safety. We are very grateful for you if it’s below 20% when it’s handed to us.

The screen needs to be removed before getting the battery replaced. You might put yourself in risk of breaking it if you do it yourself. We never break screen while trying to remove it, provided the screen is intact. However if there is broken corner or crack on the screen, it might get more broken while getting removed. We have experienced technician and can lower the probability under 5% for this scenario.

We are professional phone repair service in Reading. We aim to build five star service for customers.



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