Replace phone battery before it’s too late.

If your battery doesn’t last a whole day, we recommend have it replaced. It doesn’t take long to replace phone battery. We got a customer’s Samsung S8 this morning which didn’t power on. The phone did charge, but very slowly. We were told by the customer that nothing special happened before this issue.

There are quite a lot of reasons why a phone doesn’t power up, like battery problem, Power IC problem, CPU or hard drive problem, peripheral component problems etc. But for this case, there is slim chance for the motherboard to be faulty, because there were no high drops or water/liquid damage.

We started from the peripheral components and battery to diagnose and finally found that the battery was deactivated. A deactivated battery doesn’t power up a phone. It needs to be activated before it’s assembled back on.

After the activated battery powered the phone on, we went to settings ->manage(may vary according to different phones and edition) to check the battery capacity which turned out to be 69% and it was quite low. That’s why it didn’t power the phone on.

You may ask why shouldn’t a 69% battery power a phone? Because a phone motherboard need proper voltage provided from the battery to feed electronics components. A 100% battery can surely provide qualified voltage, but as time goes by the capacity and voltage a battery goes down until some day the voltage it can provide drop below the qualified level. And on that day, your phone doesn’t power on or goes into boot loop or stuck on something.

Replace phone battery is easy job, but not as easy to activate a poor health one, because we need to open the back cover and take it out, especially the back cover is smashed. We need to remove it very gently to avoid making it more broken and thus makes it longer to do.

The conclusion is: Replace Phone Battery before it’s under 80% in capacity as iPhone suggests. It also applies to all Android phones, like Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, Sony, LG, Xiaomi, OnePlus etc.

What’s more, a poor health battery can sometimes swell to lift the screen up and damage it. We have seen many cases of this.

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