iPhone 7 Plus Charging Port Repair

How do I know I need my iPhone 7 Plus charging port repaired or replaced?

It might not be the iPhone 7 Plus charging port problem if it doesn’t charge. Please check this before you walk in a phone repair shop:

  1. Try a surely good charging cable to make sure it’s not the cable’s problem
  2. Try a different USB wall plug charger adapter. Your phone won’t charge with a broken USB wall plug charger adapter.
  3. Make sure it’s not the battery’s problem. For most of the cases, a faulty battery doesn’t cause charging problem. But it’s not 100%.
  4. If the charging cable can only charge in specific angle, it’s 100% sure you need the charging port replaced.

we always have iPhone Charging Port replacement in stock. It takes about 1-2 hours to fix it, so you can’t wait while we repair. We can text or call you when it’s ready.

3  months warranty is what we provide for this charging port replacement service. If the phone stops charging due to the bad replaced charging port, we can fix it for free in 3 months.

There is a free car park and roadside parking near our shop. You can just park your car nearby, drop your phone in, and come back to collect it.

Special offers are provided for phone repair bundles. Saving money for multiple repairs:

Phone Repair Special Offer iPhone Samsung Huawei Xiaomi Nokia etc. – (myphonedoctor.co.uk)

We are reliable phone repair business and you are very welcome to post your device for repair. Please follow the instruction below:

Mail-in Guide – (myphonedoctor.co.uk)

You can always just pop in. But if you think it might take long to communicate, you can book an appointment:

We provide same day Collect Repair and Return service for this Repair. If your collection address is in Reading Town Centre and Caversham, Our Collect and Return Service is one Call/Email away from you:

We Collect, Repair&Return


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