Water Damaged iPhone 12 Treatment

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What if nothing is done to a Water Damaged iPhone 12?

Water damage to a phone can be long term and signs don’t show until it does essential harm to the components, especially the motherboard.

The best strategy to treat a water damaged phone is to bring it to a technician before it’s too late to rescue. It’s easy job to clean water inside the phone, but not as easy to fix a corroded motherboard.

Check the link below to know more about water/liquid damage:

What if nothing is done to a phone dropped into water? – (myphonedoctor.co.uk)

What will we do to your Water Damaged iPhone 12?

If the phone can still power on and works properly. We only need to clean and dry the water inside. Nothing else will be done to it, cause no essential damage was made.

For iPhones, the front screen will be opened and removed. Accessories like charging port, loud speaker, camera and battery might be removed and dried as well.

Motherboard might be taken out to clean and dry depending on whether there is water around or in it.

The treatment will always be done the same day it is brought in to us.


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