Water Damaged Phone Completely Dead after a few Months Use

We received a Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC which didn’t charge properly. It turned out a water damaged phone when opened and checked under a microscope. The phone was kept using for 4 months before it couldn’t charge at all. 

water damage marks can be seen in many places

water damaged phone repair
water damaged phone
smartphone motherboard repair

The charging port was damaged, but it could still charge in low speed, that's why the phone was kept using for 4 months

Until one day a connector on charging circuit was burned due to short circuit. It takes time for water to erode into motherboard and make short circuit . The phone doesn't charge at all now.

pcb connector burned due to short circuit

Luckily enough the phone can still power up and we managed to charge the battery to 100%. All data on this phone can be backed up with the full charge.
The water damaged phone can be repaired, but the cost is beyond the customer's budget. It would be a different story if he came to us 4 months ago.


1) Do not charge it or try to power it up.

2) The phone needs to be opened and inside water dried completely before it does substantial damage to the motherboard. To our experiences, putting it in rice doesn’t make any improvement. 

3) Turn to a professional technician for help.

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