what a water-damaged Apple Watch looks like

You definitely know a fish never drown in water, but an Apple Watch which is designed for swimming can be water damaged. 

If all go smoothly, An Apple Watch can accomplish all tasks his designer claimed, but exceptions can happen anytime, anywhere. Our engineer came across one of those recently.

Apple Watch water damaged
iWatch repair service

It  must be kept in mind that water resistance performance is always tested under ideal conditions. 

An Apple Watch with cracked screen is not water tight. And it can also happens to one with just some deep scratches on it. You know deep scratches could come from severe knocks on the screen and thus created damage to water-resistance adhesive underneath the screen.

Same thing can also happen to one with a bulge battery. The battery of an Apple Watch lies closely beneath the screen. If it swells, it can push the screen upward a bit and generate a small gap between the screen and the watch body. And Oops, the watch is no longer water resistant.

We have seen a lot of bulge Lithium-iron batteries whether they are from smartphones, tablets, laptops, and of course from smartwatches.

bulge battery

My advise: Don't use your Apple Watch in water unless you have to!

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