iPhone non-Genuine replacement screen

Customer might be annoyed by the message shown on his/her screen that ‘your iPhone 11 uses a non-genuine replacement screen’. Yes it is quite annoying to see this message. That’s Apple’s newest feature in its iOS 15.2 Edition for iPhones from 11 and up (iPhone SE 2020 excluded). For iPhone 11 and later, from iOS 15.2 on, non-genuine repairs will show in settings.

We are not apple shop, so we don’t use 100% genuine iPhone screen. We use OEM parts instead. We do have a number of refurbished iPhone Screen, which are genuine iPhone Display with refurbished outer glass. So the display is quite the same but the overall quality is not. Customers who are always seeking for the best should avoid us. However all spare parts we use are in top quality compared to the prices we charge. We never use shit quality screen.

The annoying message doesn’t affect any touch or display. And you can find it in repair history in your settings. If you mind this, I highly recommend you have your phone repaired only in Apple shops. You pay higher price and get genuine parts in Apple shop. If you want to get your phone repaired with fair price and good quality parts. We are happy to help.

Links below provide more info about non-genuine screen.

About genuine iPhone displays – Apple Support (UK)

Apple: You’ll be warned if your iPhone 11 uses a non-genuine replacement screen | ZDNet

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