Phone Repair While Wait

Hi, Our shop is based in Caversham. 52 Prospect street. 

If you need to have your smartphone screen, battery replaced or charging port repaired, please just pop in. You don’t have to book an appointment, which is for long communications and diagnosis on the spot. 

Chester street car park is just around the corner, which provide 30 minute free of car parking. If you need the phone urgently, our technician can finish it within 25 minutes. Please communicate with our technician about your model and issue. 

If it’s not an urgent repair, our technician can take his time and do a better job for you. Any way, all repairs can be finished the same day, given we have the spare part in stock. You only need to leave your contact number and we will ring you to collect before we close.

We open all day, so you can pop in any time during our opening hours, even if it’s one minute from our closing time. All devices we accepted can be repaired the same day! We’d like to work extra hours to bring better customer experiences.

For more repair must knows, please check this link:

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Walk-in repair