What’s the difference of phone screen replacement between different technicians?

You walk on the town centre street, with a damaged phone in your hand, looking for a trustworthy phone repair shop to get it back to work. It’s not a easy job to find a good technician to treat your phone, especially when you’re not familiar with that area. Browsing reviews on googlemaps is a very good idea. It gives you the overall performance of their work in the history. If you want to know more about phone screen repair, this article is a right one for you.

We do most of the iPhone screen repairs by replacing the broken one with a brand new one. It sounds easy job, but wait. Things are not as simple as it looks like. 

All fixed screens by different techinicans look quite the same. Of course they are the same, because they are manufactured in factories quite the same way. The differences of jobs done by different technicians are the key point. Your newly fixed amazingly beautiful phone screen could be a poor job from a cursory technician. In the following ways

1)  He might don’t bother to remove the plastic behind the new screen. All new screens come with protective plastic on the back. Before installing on a phone, it should definitely be removed.


But Why? What if my technician didn’t remove it? 

Well, it doesn’t affact anything if you’re a light phone user. You’ll never notice this until the next repair to it and get told by the technician. But if you use your phone many hours a day especially playing games, this will be a big problem. The unremoved plastic will effectively keep heat inside and make temperature go high inside your phone. Heat dissipation is a professional and essential topic on phone design, because high temperature can do harm to the screen and the motherboard by making them age quickly. A heat damaged screen or motherboard doesn’t show any visible damage, all thanks to a irresponsible technician.

2) He might don’t bother to do any water proof for your phone.

Almost all smart phones exclaim to be water proof. The newly released iPhone 13 series exclaim to be water resistant under 6 metre deep for 30 minutes.

Depending on the experience and skill of the technician, an iPhone can also remain high water resistant level once repaired. 

Cause water resistance adhesive apt to fall off with the broken screen, it’s 100% necessary to apply new adhesive to the phone for basic water splash protection. We all have some chance to drop our phones into toilet or get splashed when we are at the table or in kitchen. However, as far as i know, more than 50% technicians don’t bother to do this. 

water resistence adhesive

3) Screws might not be properly released and secured by inexperienced technicans

There are up to forty screws in an iPhone, varying in different shapes, sizes and lengths. Tiny slots in screws can be damaged by poor quality screw drivers and unproper operations, causing them hard to be released any more. The left image below shows a damaged and dead screw. The 1mm wide tiny dead thing can cause huge trouble in some cases!


close up view of a damaged screw
close up view of a screw head

Phone screen repair is never simple and easy job. Turn to skillful technicians for help and good luck!

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