Broken Charging Port Can Cause a Hazard

If a phone is often used in a damp environment, some parts of the charging port may become rusty such as the little pins are made of copper. Rusty copper is bluish-green shown in the picture below. In some cases, the pins are coated in gold to prevent rusting. Cheaper devices usually just use copper.

charging port repair must knows

This might cause the phone to not charge properly, or even worse, short circuit. When the charging cable comes in contact with the part of the charging port that has short circuited, the surge of electricity will produce a lot of heat, destroying the charging cable, the charging port and sometimes the USB wall adapter.

Above and below are images of a damaged charging port and cable. The bottom pictures show a more zoomed-in view of the chargers. The bottom right one is undamaged and the bottom left is damaged.

If the phone is charged on a heat resistant surface e.g floor tiles, only the phone and the charger will be damaged. If it is on a flammable material, it is likely to catch on fire. When you notice that your phone is not charging properly, please contact us because we can repair or replace any iPhone/smartphone part.

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