Bad iPad Repair Leads to Nightmare for the Next Repair

How to Tell a Good iPad Repair from a Bad One?

How to tell a bad iPad repair form a good one?

Yes. You might have some answers for it, like from the display of the screen if you get the LCD display replaced, from the touch sensitivity of the touch glass digitiser if you get the touch screen replaced, from the battery’s durability if you get the battery replaced. But this is not what this article want to discuss. 

If a replaced LCD display doesn’t show in high resolution, or a replaced battery doesn’t last long, or a replaced touch glass digitiser doesn’t respond promptly, we can say that’s a bad iPad repair. We are going to talk about something deep in this blog. 

Read on and this blog will bring you something new. And you will know more about iPad repair than 99.9% others. I was in nightmare in repairing two iPads recently and in desperate to share with you. If you like this blog, forward it.


The Quality of an iPad Repair Lies Inside of the Device

The following images show an iPad with broken screen removed. Everybody can tell that they are tidy and clean, even if for a layman in repair. But is it really necessary to prepare it to this high level before putting a new screen on? Do we just do this from OCD(Obsessive-compulsive Disorder)? Definitely no. Please read on. The answer is below.

iPad Air 3 good repair
overview of an iPad with broken screen removed and preparation done before a screen replacement
close view of left up cornor
close view of right up cornor
close view of bottom left cornor
close view of bottom right cornor
close view of left side
close view of right side

We Always Use Professional Tool to Clean the Edge

What Does a Unprofessional Repair Look Like?

Photos below were taken right after the broken screen removed. The black thing is part of the original adhesive not removed by the last technician. It doesn’t cause any trouble for most of the time, but what if…? 

bad iPad repair
bad iPad repair -2

The photo below was taken before the screen was removed. Oops! What’s this?! The screen splits into halves. How come? It was supposed to be lifted right away. Why did one half of the screen stay firmly on the base?! The answer is because part of the original adhesive was not well regulated on the rim of the iPad. It stuck the bottom of the screen and the base firmly together! When we tried to pull the screen up, it split into halves. Permanent damage it is.

It’s not a problem at all to split a broken screen into halves, but what if the technician was trying to replace the battery beneath the screen? You know, the screen should always be removed before a battery is fitted in. 

An expensive screen would be unexpectedly damaged just because a small piece of strong adhesive left in a wrong place unconsciously. £150 is gone! That’s the price to buy a replacement screen for an iPad Air 3. 

Who should pay for the last careless, unconscious, irresponsible repair? The technician? The customer? 50%, 50%? Or the last technician? No idea of the answer, but we’re 100% sure the environment pays for this. It’s not only a matter of money. This planet now have one more piece of useless electronics waste, just because of a small, careless, unconscious mistake, unforgivable mistake! 

iPad Air 3 screen split

The photo below gives a better view of the split screen.

iPad Air 3 screen split

For having repaired hundreds of iPad, we have plenty of chance to find some more interesting things inside.

Another Nightmare-causing iPad Repair Case

Photos below show another bad repair from last technician. It’s an iPad mini. For iPad mini, unlike what shows in the previous case, the LCD display and the touch screen are separate parts. This iPad mini only needed a touch screen replacement. 

From photos below we can clearly see that adhesive was not well regulated to the edge of the iPad mini. The touch screen and LCD display were stuck together. Bottom of the LCD display was fixed to the base, top screws were missing. 

When we tried to lift the touch screen up from the frame (it was glued on the frame), the top of the LCD display also lifted but the bottom of it stayed firm with the base. The LCD display was undoubtedly damaged. We had to replace it, at our cost.


iPad Mini bad repair


iPad Repair is no easy job. A irresponsible repair can lead to nightmare for the next technician. 

From the customer’s point of view, the best strategy is:



You have no idea whether he is a reliable technician or not. If he turns out to be a good one, go to him next time is a good strategy. If he is a bad one, he deserves to have the chance to make it right for you. And no other part involved in.

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