How do we treat a water damage phone?

What does a water damaged phone look like?

Screens, connectors and small parts are the first victims

A smartphone is made up of three main parts: screen, battery and motherboard. Water goes into the small gap between the screen and motherboard, when a phone drops into it. Due to the multi-layer structure of a LCD screen, water also goes in-between and make permanent damage to it.

The picture on the top left shows a 2-day water damaged iPhone 7 screen. And the bottom 3 pictures show damage to connectors and back plate.

It’s unbelievable that metal components are easier to get eroded than we think.

water damage screen
iPhone dropped into Water
water damage phone
water damage phone

Non-essential parts of a motherboard comes second

Essential parts of a motherboard are usually covered by protective shield and cover, which can somehow prevent water go inside easily. Whereas non-essential parts of it just expose to the space inside, causing water easy reach of water. Image below shows part of the motherboard flooded by water, since the water indicator turns red. 

Some components on non-essential parts are totally covered with dry glue, but some are exposed ones with tin on ends or beneath. 

water damage motherboard

Sockets and heart of a motherboard is the least vulnerable to water damage

Being covered by shield, essential parts are the most resistant to water damage on a phone. Because sockets are plugged with jacks, making water difficult to go in-between. But the pins outside of a socket are easily damaged. 

The right image below shows close view of damaged socket pins. 

The left image below shows water spreading on right top part of the motherboard, and the phone used for a whole day without malfunctioning!

water damage motherboard
water damage socket

How do we treat a water damaged phone?

1) All visible water inside the phone will be cleaned and dried.

2) All visible water on accessories and motherboard will be cleaned and dried.

3) Water damaged accessories will only be replaced when we have to do so.

4) Wet areas on motherboard will be treated with specific material to get rid of as much water as possible.

5) Visible rust on motherboard will be removed

Images shown below give rough ideas of how we treat a water damaged phone.

water damage treatment
iPhone motherboard repair
mobile phone repair

Does a well treated water damage phone last long?

It’s difficult to evaluate a water damage phone. But if it is taken to a technician as quickly as possible before water damages the motherboard, the chance of recovery is very high. We have handled a lot of water damaged phones with motherboard completely dry and fully functional.

Nearly 90% water damaged phones can be saved by removing the water inside and a new screen replaced. 


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  1. A couple of weeks ago, while swimming with my friends, my phone accidentally fell in the swimming pool. It was a very devastating incident. My phone got damaged, and during the check with the technician, I had to spend a couple of bucks for the repair. Thank you, Albert, for this article because this will help me a lot in choosing the right company and, at the same time how figuring out the extent of the damage.

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