iPhone Water Damage Repair

One of our customers brought her water damage iPhone yesterday to our shop, looking forward to get it repaired and give it to her mother as a gift. It was a gold iPhone XS with excellent condition, but the screen didn’t show anything after the power button hold down. 

I was told the phone was dropped into toilet in August last year and kept in rice for a few days. Not surprisingly, it did return normal after that. The bright side for this phone is that it was never repaired before this incident. In other words the chance to bring it back was very high, more than half a year has passed though. You know all recent year iPhone models are water resistant, given the screens were never opened. An iPhone should survive water splash as the specification says. But depending on the angle and speed it enters water, damage to internal components and motherboard might caused by water goes inside.

The first thing to treat a water damage iPhone is to remove the screen and check the situation inside. As images shown below, only the screen and camera socket/jack were damaged. There was water mark on back of the camera but fortunately it was alright. 

Screen replaced, camera socket repaired and the iPhone XS was restored to amazing condition.

Full functionality test was carried out after the repair, and everything worked perfectly. 

We successfully spared the planet of a waste phone and saved a wonderful gift for a mum 🙂

Water damage Treatment
Water Damage iPhone Treatment

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