iPad Start Up Issue SOLVED!

We received an iPad 5 (A1822, A1823) the day before yesterday that couldn’t start up. There was nothing displayed on the screen at all, when the power button was pressed down and held. 

iPad 5 blank screen

Our technician inspected the battery and charging port, but it was nothing to do with these two parts. From the charging current we are able to tell there was short circuit on motherboard, which caused the iPad start up issue. 

Troubleshooting a motherboard issue isn’t an easy job. And it’s quite time consuming. 

iPad 5 Motherboard
iPad Motherboard Repair

Identifying a motherboard issue relies on good knowledge of electronic circuits and the PCB board. But sorting it out is something about experiences, patience, carefulness etc. Images below give you a chance to look at how we got the job done. Doing this, all kinds of professional tools are involved including phone motherboard diagrams, microscope, rework tool kit etc.

logic board repair
iPad short circuit motherboard

The customer was so happy that we could get the iPad 5 back in a couple of days, because she has a lot of valuable photos on it. We are so happy to be able to get not only the device but also the old memories back for another customer. 

iPad Start up issue solved

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