iPhone 13 Mini Weird Problems Solved by Only Updating iOS.

A couple of days ago, one lady came to my shop saying that her iPhone 13 mini showed all kinds of weird problems. The touch screen was INSENSITIVE. Phone calls could be answered but the other end COULDN’T HEAR her. And there were also some other problems that I couldn’t remember. Anyway, they are all WEIRD PROBLEMS which can drive anyone crazy.

I’ve repaired thousands of phones which had all kinds of strange problem(s). But this was another first time one.

The iPhone 13 Mini was quite new and with only minor scratches on the screen(she didn’t have a protector on). It didn’t suffered a high fall or water damage. As is well know by technicians that electronic components just go faulty for no reason (reason that can be explained easily). But the chance for more than one component go faulty at the same time is very very slim. Considering the iPhone 13 Mini was never repaired before, it’s not a good idea to think it’s the hardware’s problem, though not 100% sure.

If the problem is not in the hardware, the most likely possiblility that came to my mind was the firmware. Smart phones are systems of three layers combined together: hardware, firmware and software. Hardware is the physical body of the phone, including the screen, frame, battery, motherboard and microchips, capacitors, resistors etc which cover the motherboard in very large quantity, and all the other accessories like speaker, microphone, camera, charging port, antenna etc. Firmware is the operating system that manages the hardware and provides services to the softwares which run upon it. Softwares are Apps we are all familiar with. Firmware needs to work closely with hardware to provide a working environment for all the softwares (Apps). If they fail to do so, weird problems may occur. It’s difficult to explain why the two don’t cooperate efficiently. We can call it INCOMPATIBILITY, which can happen between specific firmware versions and hardware, and it can be easily removed by updating to another version. And what’s more, there is no risk to update it.

I noticed the iOS version on this lady’s phone was 14.2. After updated to the newest version 15.2, all weird problems DISAPPEARED!

Smart phones are complicated items. But if you generally konw how it works, it’s easy to ‘repair’ BY YOURSELF.

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