Phone Battery Swells

We successfully handled a phone battery swell problem yesterday. 

A lady and her son came into our shop with an iPhone X, asking if I could replace the screen protector on it. I took over the phone and noticed that the phone screen was lifted, and there was a gap between the screen and the frame. I was pretty sure that the phone battery swelled and thus made the screen and protector uneven.

My thought proved to be true after the screen was removed. The phone battery swelled considerably as the picture shows below. We have seen a lot of such cases, many of which with a damaged screen from the naughty battery underneath. This lady was lucky to have the screen showing no signs of damage. All we needed to do was to remove the screen gently and get the bulging battery replaced. After that, the bent screen should be put back on and carefully pressed down.

Bent screens are often fragile than good ones, depending on how bent they are and how long time they have been. Since we have replaced thousands of mobile phone screens, we are confident to handle it without damaging it. This time sees another successful case of saving a screen.

phone battery swell can lift the screen

Why does a phone battery swell?

It’s complicated thing to explain why a battery can bulge. But batteries are made of chemical material. Many times of charging and discharging of a battery can cause decomposition of the material and gas produced. Refer to this link for a deep diving:

phone battery swell

What should I do to a swollen battery?

It’s wise to stop using the phone with a swollen battery, even if it’s still in full working order. Because nobody can predict when or to what extent a bulging battery can get worse. And a screen under the stress from a bulging battery is fragile and can be easily damaged by daily using. A screen is much more expensive than a battery to replace. So we highly recommend you bring it to a professional phone repair technician to check and get the battery replaced.

A Damaged Battery Can be Dangerous


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